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Do-it-yourself Family History, Part 3: Free Resources

Back in the mid 1990s I had my first exposure to the Internet. I connected using a 14.4 kbs (kilobits) dial-up modem to the Buffalo, New York Public Library. I used Lynx, a text-based browser, and was dazzled. For the first time, I could find useless information from inside my house. It was a wonderful … Continue reading

Gouyd: The History of an American Family

I am pleased to announce that my latest genealogical book is now complete and available at Lulu.com. Gouyd: The History of an American Family traces all known ancestors of William Gouyd from the mid 1700s in New York State to the present. What makes William Gouyd so special? His surname.  It’s unique in the annals of early … Continue reading

Caroline S. (Gouyd) Glasser Fischer (1851-1940)

Caroline S. Gouyd was the daughter of Daniel Smith Gouyd and Harriet Louisa Bangs. She was born December 21, 1851 and died January 15, 1940 in Evans, New York. She married first, on December 25, 1869, Frederick J. Glasser and second, on November 18, 1883, William C. Fischer. When Caroline was 18, she married Frederick … Continue reading

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