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Dear Diary

Dear Diary: I’m not sure whether people use you anymore but I think you still have value. I remember getting one of you when I was little. As a boy I thought, “Diaries are for girls!” and probably put you in a drawer. It wasn’t until many years later that I realized you were a … Continue reading

Haunted (Family) History

A recent Harris Poll of 2,250 adults surveyed online between November 13 and 18, 2013 indicated that 42% of Americans believe in ghosts. That’s a pretty high number, if you ask me. Then again, maybe it’s not. I think we can all agree that the paranormal is a pretty hot topic right now. Heck, tune … Continue reading

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Captain Coastie

Adventures of a 3D superhero and all the work that goes into supporting him

The Lunatic Asylum

A level-headed look at the paranormal


The best moments in life are often times reflected upon.

Families Across Time

a genealogical journey

Reflections Intuitive Healing

Revealing your inner truth