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A Day in the Life of John Robert Cole

3:45 a.m. It was rare, but for once I woke to the alarm on my iPhone. After a six minute “snooze”, I left a sleeping Christine and Milkbone – our English springer spaniel – and hopped into the shower. I’m pretty fast in the morning – thanks mostly to my boot camp experience 30-years ago … Continue reading

What scares you?

Whether it’s spiders, public speaking, or kittens, we all have something that makes our brains gush out chemicals that stimulate our fight or flight response. It doesn’t matter if we see it, participate in it, or simply think about it. It scares us and there’s not much we can do about it. Although we are … Continue reading

The Ring of Fire and What I Found There

I was sitting on the couch with the AppleTV remote in my hand flipping through what seemed to be an endless list of crappy horror films on Netflix. As much as I love that genre, finding a good one was proving difficult. Puppy was curled up beside me. Christine, who didn’t care for scary movies, … Continue reading

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