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Adam and Eve and Pinch Me

This morning I decided to revisit a few draft genealogies I was developing for future books. One of them was my personal family lineage to Adam and Eve, the original power couple of the Bible. Yes, I said Adam and Eve. I know what you’re thinking: It’s impossible to trace any family history back that … Continue reading

Collecting and Family History

Those of us with collectors in the family know that personal collections of anything – from stamps to coins to comic books – carry stories that are both unique and fascinating. Collectors, however, typically won’t tell you these tales unless you ask. As a collector myself, I think I know why: collections are a physical … Continue reading

Hobbies bring ancestors to life

When writing about yourself or your family, don’t forget to talk about hobbies. Hobbies can say a lot about a person. They reflect personality and character traits that are often missing when you focus solely on the tactical side of life. Talking about day-to-day routines, jobs, military service, or childcare are important, to be sure, … Continue reading

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