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Do-it-yourself Family History, Part 7: Facebook

If you are a Facebook user, you’ve probably spent countless hours uploading pictures, reposting memes, or commenting on your friend’s comments. More than likely, you’ve not looked at this social media giant as a genealogical tool. But it is. Facebook can be used to help identify relatives that fall outside that nasty 1940 United States … Continue reading

Do-it-yourself Family History, Part 6: You’re Related to Who?

Two years ago I self-published a book called 50 Kinfolk. In it, I presented a series of relationship charts that showed how I was related to 50 celebrities. My idea was to help promote the idea that we are all connected. I sold a total of zero copies. Despite the setback, it did get me … Continue reading

Do-it-yourself Family History, Part 5: Thinking about yourself

Prior to writing this article, I did a quick search on Google to see what other people thought about writing an autobiography. I was quickly disappointed to find that many believe autobiographies are simply self-serving or written in an attempt to make money. I’m sure there are those that use this writing method for those … Continue reading

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