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William Gouyd, Our Patriot

  William Gouyd was the son of William Talmage Gouyd and widow Mitchell. He was born about 1763 in Albany, New York and was only a year old when his father drowned in the Hudson River. In 1775, when William was twelve, the colonists of the thirteen British colonies in North America seized control of … Continue reading

Casting Your Life Mask

Since Halloween is upon us, what better way to creep someone out than by casting a life mask of your face. In addition to enjoying the expression on your loved one’s faces when they see your mug looking at them from a dark closet, you’ll be creating a historical artifact of you in three dimensions. They make interesting … Continue reading

Thanks, Elf on a Shelf

While true that my site is called Families Across Time, but this holiday season it was more like Families Across the United States. You see, my wife and I live in Hercules, California but my sister and her family lives in Buffalo, New York. Strangely enough, when Christmas Day finally came it was warmer in … Continue reading

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The best moments in life are often times reflected upon.

Families Across Time

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