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William Gouyd, Our Patriot

  William Gouyd was the son of William Talmage Gouyd and widow Mitchell. He was born about 1763 in Albany, New York and was only a year old when his father drowned in the Hudson River. In 1775, when William was twelve, the colonists of the thirteen British colonies in North America seized control of … Continue reading

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Before my sister and I became ‘tweens, teenagers, young adults, thirtysomethings, and now middle aged, we were adolescents (which, I just learned, was the name of an ’80s American punk band). During those formative years, we educated ourselves by watching black and white television and periodically accompanying our parents to the drive-in theater. I won’t delve … Continue reading

George Henry Bangs

There is nothing more exciting than coming across family members across time. Recently I came across the photograph above. I had seen it before in books about the American Civil War but never realized there was a Bangs family member pictured. George Henry Bangs, the gaunt looking figure standing in the left of the photograph, … Continue reading

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Captain Coastie

Adventures of a 3D superhero and all the work that goes into supporting him

The Lunatic Asylum

A level-headed look at the paranormal


The best moments in life are often times reflected upon.

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