Books by Families Across Time

Family Genealogies by Families Across Time


The Ancestry of Jon Weppler
2015 :: 200 pages, hardcover :: available through special arrangements only

The ancestry of Mr. Jon Weppler to six generations.



Bangs and Allied Families Newsletters
By Judith Cole :: 2015 :: 303 pages, softcover (8.5 x 11) :: Buy now from

For the first time, all 1994-1999 Bangs & Allied Families Newsletters compiled and printed in one volume.



grindleThe Ancestry of Emerson Avery Grindle
2015 :: 317 pages, hardcover :: available through special arrangements only

Traces the ancestry of Emerson Avery Grindle from the present to the early seventeenth century.




Gouyd: The History of an American Family
2014 :: 317 pages, softcover (6×9) :: Buy now from

The author uses his family history talents to trace the elusive Gouyd surname from early New York State to present. Filled with newspaper clippings and unique family photographs from the 1800s onward, it’s a source for anyone researching the Gouyd name.




Cole and Allied Families
2014 :: 315 pages, hardcover :: Buy now from

This is a genealogy of the Cole family from its author, John Robert Cole, to the early 1600s with James Cole, original property owner in and around Plymouth, Massachusetts.




The Ancestry of Andra Kay Neal
2014 :: 121 pages, softcover (8.5×11) :: available through special arrangements only

The ancestry of Andra Kay Neal, tracing her roots to the mid nineteenth century Texas.




The Paternal Ancestry of Christopher Windnagle
2014 :: 206 pages, softcover (8.5×11) :: available through special arrangements only

Provides the paternal ancestry of Christopher John Windnagle and his roots to early eighteenth century America.




Paternal Ancestry of Michael Rashard Zapawa
2014 :: 178 pages, softcover (8.5×11) :: available through special arrangements only

Family history of Michael Rashard Zapawa. Traces his roots to Quebec, Canada.




The Genealogy of Ervin Billy Lawson
2013 :: 219 pages, hardcover :: available through special arrangement only

The genealogy of Ervin Billy Lawson of Spartanburg, South Carolina.




50 Kinfolk:
2013 :: 234 pages, softcover (6×9) :: Buy now from

This book includes a number of genealogies of famous celebrities and how they relate to the author. The hope is that others will see the value of connections and start their own treasure hunt for family gems.





Siblings of Derby
2010 :: 753 pages, hardcover :: Buy now from

Genealogy and family history of COLE, HINTON, HABICHT, GOUYD, BANGS, DATTLER, MILLWARD, ALLERTON, etc.



Other books by John Robert Cole



Captain Coastie
2016 :: 176 pages, softcover (6×9) :: Buy now from

Captain Coastie is the one true American hero! Serving with pride since 1790, our hero faces death as he takes on his greatest threat!



clottedClotted Cream and Dog Poop
2011 :: 191 pages, softcover (6×9) :: Buy now from

A highly interesting travelogue containing interesting stories, funny adventures, and the Loch Ness Monster.





Incidents of Travel in Europe
2005 :: 255 pages, softcover (6×9) :: Buy now from

Join the author and his mother Judith on an exciting 14-day journey across Europe. Visit places such as Avebury, Glastonbury, Rosslyn Chapel, and Paris.



d14servicecatNight of the Living Service Catalog (2014)
2014 :: 313 pages, softcover (6×9) :: Buy now from

This book includes a descriptions of services provided by the Coast Guard Fourteenth District Telecommunications Branch.





The Visual Guide to the Charter Street Cemetery Series
2007 :: softcover (6×9) :: Buy now from

Six volumes (separately priced). For the first time collected, a complete photographic documentary of all the gravestones at the historic Charter Street Cemetery in Salem, Massachusetts. Consisting of over 1,300 photographs, each has been painstakingly examined and all gravestone inscriptions transcribed.


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