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New Duty Assignment

Moving is, and will always be, a painful experience. I should know: I’ve moved 24 times over the last 50 years. Now that I’m preparing for my 25th, I thought I would share my experiences with you. Unlike most normal people, I’m in the military. This adds its own set of unique challenges since we … Continue reading

Early Television Memories

Unlike today, television in the early 1970s wasn’t on demand. We didn’t have hundreds of stations to choose from or satellites drifting silently overhead allowing us to stream movies. Instead, we relied on bunny years, a strong broadcast signal, and our cathode ray tube device. More or less, we had three networks to choose from: NBC, … Continue reading

Casting Your Life Mask

Since Halloween is upon us, what better way to creep someone out than by casting a life mask of your face. In addition to enjoying the expression on your loved one’s faces when they see your mug looking at them from a dark closet, you’ll be creating a historical artifact of you in three dimensions. They make interesting … Continue reading

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