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My connection to the Playboy Mansion

PlayboyLogo.svgWhile I’ll admit that my connection the Playboy Mansion is a bit, uh, weak… I can include Hugh Hefner as one of cousins. Mr. Hefner was the son of Glenn Hefner and his wife Grace Swanson. Since Wikipedia takes the fun out of research, I’ll save myself the trouble of repeating it. See Hugh Hefner on Wikipedia.

The one thing I will say is that Hugh is a direct descendant of Plymouth Governor William Bradford (about 1690 to 1657) through his son William Bradford, Jr. who married my 10th great grandaunt Alice Richards. The senior Bradford was one of the original English Separatists who sailed aboard the Mayflower in 1620 so Hugh is a Mayflower descendant.

My ancestry is through Alice’s sister Mary. Their parents, Thomas Richards and Welthean Loring, arrived to Plymouth about 1633. Mary married Thomas Richards. He would later become the last Governor of of the Plymouth Colony between 1680 and 1692. Their mother Welthean, as I wrote about in my blog post titled Black Sheep, was accused of witchcraft in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1653.

Relationship Chart: John R. Cole to Hugh Hefner

11 GGF Thomas Richards
b. Abt. 1590
d. 17 Dec 1650
m. Welthean Loring
b. —
d. 3 Jul 1679
11 GGM
10 GGP Mary Richards
m. Thomas Hinckley
Sisters Alice Richards
m. William Bradford, Jr.
10 GGA
9 GGP Samuel Hinckley
m. Sarah Pope
Thomas Bradford
m. Anne Smith
1C 11R
8 GGP Mary Hinckley
m. Samuel Bangs
James Bradford
m. Edith Adams
2C 10R
7 GGP David Bangs
m. Eunice Stone
Mary Bradford
m. Joseph Woodward
3C 9R
6 GGP Azariah Bangs
m. Huldah Stone
Asa Woodward
m. Ruth Joy
4C 8R
5 GGP Nathaniel Bangs
m. Lucinda Parker
Masury Woodward
m. Mary Wright
5C 7R
4 GGP Azariah Bangs
m. Adeline Wright
Lurena Woodward
m. John Householder
6C 6R
3 GGP Harriet L. Bangs
m. Daniel Gouyd
Lois Householder
m. J. M. Hefner
7C 5R
2 GGP Caroline S. Gouyd
m. William Fischer
Glenn Hefner
m. Grace Swanson
8C 4R
GGP Bertha M. Fischer
George Habicht
Hugh Hefner 9C 3R
GP Ruth C. Habicht
Raymond Hinton
P Judith E. Hinton
Howard Cole
Self John Robert Cole

You can read more about my relationships to famous cousins by buying a copy of my book 50 Kinfolk through Lulu.com.

A top seller... not!

A top seller… not!



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