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Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wisnoski

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wisnoski, married June 13, 2015

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wisnoski, married June 13, 2015

On Saturday, June 13, 2015 at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, I had the honor of accompanying my daughter as she slowly walked down the aisle at Assumption Church in Buffalo, New York. Ahead of her was her fiancée Joe. He looked dashing in his black tuxedo.

Midway between start and stop of our journey, we met up with Steve. Steve is my first wife Wendy’s second husband. When Wendy and I divorced, she and my daughter moved back to New York State. I remained in California to continue my career. Steve entered their lives a few years later. From that point forward, he has played an important role in my daughter’s life – one that has earned my deepest respect. It was only fitting that he completed the journey with us.

As I released my daughter’s arm, I realized that she was finally a grown woman. Until that moment, it didn’t matter that she had a job or a car or a house or a dog. It didn’t matter if she had graduated college or had started her own business. Until that moment, she was still my baby girl with bright blue eyes and bouncy blonde hair.

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** Sigh **

It was definitely a bittersweet moment.

But I had to look at it like this: Tracy was lucky to meet Joe. He is respectful, intelligent, and, more importantly, honest and loving. He’s everything he should be and I’m proud to call him son.

I believe the two of them will have many wonderful years together. Hopefully the two of them will take me on when I’m 95 and cantankerous.

Anyway, as a genealogist and family historian, Tracy and Joe’s wedding opens the door to new and exciting research. Having firmly established Tracy’s family history, I now have the opportunity to research Joe’s.

I consider this visionary planning. Should they have children, isn’t it prudent to be prepared?

Congratulations to Tracy and Joe on their wedding. You make a beautiful couple and I love you both.

Oh yeah, and welcome to married life!



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